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Hyperbaric Medicine


Hyperbaric Medicine

Dr. Partrick is available for general hyperbaric medicine consultations. He is one of the only physicians in Florida that is both board certified and fellowship trained in undersea and hyperbaric medicine. Hyperbaric Medicine is the study and implementation of oxygen delivered at high pressure. This is usually done in a hyperbaric chamber, a device specially designed to allow patients to breath oxygen at 2-3 times normal atmospheric pressure. The following is list of the 14 indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy currently approved by both the undersea and hyperbaric medical society as well as Medicare and other 3rd party insurance companies.

1. Air or Gas Embolism
2. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
3. Clostridal Myositis and Myonecrosis (Gas Gangrene)
4. Crush Injury, Compartment Syndrome, and other Acute Traumatic Ischemias
5. Decompression Sickness
6. Enhancement of Healing in Selected Problem Wounds (typically diabetic foot wounds)
7. Exceptional Blood Loss (Anemia)
8. Intracranial Abscess
9. Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections
10. Osteomyelitis (Refractory)
11. Delayed Radiation Injury (Soft Tissue and Bony Necrosis)
12. Skin Grafts & Flaps (Compromised)
13. Thermal Burns
14. Idiopathic Sensorineural hearing loss

A detailed explanation of these conditions can be found at the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) website

All emergency medical conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning must be referred to a center equipped to handle critical care patients such as the hyperbaric facility at Mariner’s Hospital in Tavernier at 305-434-1603 during normal business hours or 305-434-3000 after hours.  Of course, one may always contact the emergency hotline at Divers Alert Network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with any urgent questions at 919-684-9111. Please contact Dr. Partrick at (305) 306-7476 or for further questions or to set up an evaluation for potential hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

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